Posted by: Susan | February 28, 2012

My perfect day

I had the perfect day planned.  After everyone left for the day I would write a wonderful post for my blog about the fabulous day I had with April yesterday.Then I would do a few things around the house, do my grocery shopping for the week, take a long walk, have lunch and then catch up with all my paper work before the boys arrived home at 2:45 p.m.  OK, not exactly a day in Paris but it works for me.  The phone rang at 7:45 a.m. and it was the high school calling, never a good thing that early in the morning.  It was the nurse to tell me that Jake, my guy with diabetes,  had been sent to see her because he was falling asleep in class.  This is can be a sign of either high or low blood sugar.  His number was 497 and for those of you not familiar with diabetes that is incredibly high!  We needed to decide then how much insulin to give him and why his blood sugar was so high.  Long story short he had eaten glucose tablets (he keeps these for an emergency in his backpack if his blood sugar goes to low) on the bus and someone had given him candy at school.  He was still very high 45 minutes later so I decided to bring him home and monitor his blood sugar here.  He missed a field trip, lunch with his friends and the rest of the school day.  On the way to pick him up I had to talk myself into not overreacting.  I wanted to say….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  DON’T YOU KNOW YOU CAN KILL YOURSELF BY EATING TOO MUCH FOOD WITHOUT INSULIN???  Yes, I wanted to yell that at the top of my lungs but instead I brought him home and we used it as a teachable moment.

“Look Jake at the chart and find your Blood Sugar number, 497.  See how it is all the way at the top in the “high” level.  See how you should be down around 120?”  I sweetly said.  Really I was very sweet even though that isn’t my usual personality when my kids have made a bone head decision.

That weird-looking yellow thing on the paper above is a pancreas.  We reviewed his two chapter book on diabetes, how insulin and glucose work and what complications can be if you are too high (death) or too low (death).  We also talked about such cheery complications as blindness or amputation.  When he finally got back to a normal number (83) he wanted to go back to school.  Not gonna happen Jake.  You sneak the food you have to come home and hang out with me.  Cue sinister laugh.  There’s wash to be done and floors to be vacuumed.  Here’s the thing, Jake is such an incredibly easy guy that he doesn’t mind helping and rarely complains.  How can I stay upset with that guy even when he ruins my perfect day?

Sam, Ali and Jake

Tomorrow will be my perfect day.  Tonight is my perfect night.  I have a date with the Hunk.


  1. Have a perfect date!!

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