Posted by: Susan | February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Today I tried to explain this to Jake and Sam…………

Leap DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, today is Leap Day.  That means every 4 years we get an extra day because there is a little bit of a day left over at the end of each year so every 4 years we add a day to the calendar.

Jacob, “Do I have to go to work today?”

Sam, “Do I have to go to school today?”

Me, “Guys it’s not a holiday it is just that every 4 years……..”  The boys looked at me like I was crazy.  If they don’t get a day off or get to miss work who cares?  On AOL today they had a video of an astrophysicist explaining what Leap Day is all about.  If I have to listen to an astrophysicist explain it I can’t expect the boys to get it.  It’s on the calendar and that’s all they need to know!

I will use this extra day to tell my family how much I love them.  That’s it. once every 4 years I get an extra day to do that.

Big Brother Dan, Big Sis Jen, Big Brother Derek

The Hunk with Sam, Jake and April

Happy Leap Day


  1. Great photos!

  2. that’s just great. maybe it should be a holiday. an extra day for something fun! Teri

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