Posted by: Susan | March 1, 2012

March is Reading Awareness Month

From my library newsletter:

March is Reading Awareness Month March is Reading Awareness MonthDo you want to improve your child or grandchild’s wellbeing, school readiness, and learning outcomes?  Research shows that the simple act of reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child to learn. During Reading Awareness Month in March the Library is encouraging all parents to make reading to their children 15 minutes every day part of their daily routine. Your library has a range of fun and engaging books to suit your child. Ask your librarian for recommendations.

I hope you subscribe to your library’s monthly e-newsletter.  What a wealth of information you can find there.  If you’re like me one of the most important goals I have  is that my children with Down syndrome will be able to read!  Jacob is reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins at school and April is reading her text messages:)

Sam is currently reading Home Run Heroes to me and enjoying reading on his iPad too.  First the paper back book…

I have many books that I have bought from Don Johnston.  The company has age appropriate books at my kids reading level.  Sam’s reading teacher has put together a reading contract that he signed.  If he reads 3 chapter books then he gets to pick out a book of his choice.  His choice of course is a book about Justin Bieber!

And what’s not to love about reading a book from your iPad?  I follow a blog, momswithapps, and get several e-mails a week on the latest apps available.  Every Friday apps are offered on sale for that day only.  I have my eye on a book for Sam that goes on sale tomorrow.

Natalie Hale has a great site with articles about teaching your child with Down syndrome to read.  She also just wrote a book called, Down Syndrome Parenting 101, that looks interesting.

Finally I just finished a great book I wish I would have found years ago.  It’s called Reading Magic by Mem Fox.  Even though it is written for children much younger than my kids I still got some useful information that changed they way I have the kids read to me.  I just checked it out of my favorite free resource…the library.

Have fun reading to and with your child and Happy March 1st!  Only twenty days until Spring.

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