Posted by: Susan | March 5, 2012

Big brother’s visit

Big brother Derek and two friends rolled into town at 12:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  I didn’t get pictures of them in the morning because I was busy making breakfast for everyone.  After Jake, April and Sam headed out for an art show and swimming I took Derek and his friends on a mini tour of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Art Museum

This piece was actually labeled, “Do not touch.  This is art.”  How come they don’t have to put that disclaimer in the Monet exhibit.  Hmmm….

Hannah and Daniel are hoping to get extra credit for visiting the museum.  They are taking an Intro to Art course at Virginia Tech that is challenging because of all the information they have to memorize.  They loved to seeing the real art instead of just pictures or slides. The whole experience was made even better by a concert going on in the museum.  Strolling through the museum and listening to Vivaldi at the same time is amazing!

Next, on to an overlook of the Ohio River.  Cue the barge pushing coal up the river.  From our vantage point we could look across the river to Kentucky.  Then I took them to the famous Blue Ash Chili restaurant.  It must be famous because it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  They got the 6-Way…spahgetti, onions, red beans, Cincinnati style chili, cheese and jalapeno poppers.  I love the reaction of Hannah when it was served.After they devoured this feast they went to the mall.  Apparently living in Blacksburg, VA doesn’t give you access to a mall with all the most important stores.  While we waited for them to come home I cooked dinner and Jake and April did this.

Big sister Jenny and family joined us for dinner bringing the total to 12.  Lots of laughing and talking and giving my 3 younger kids opportunities to meet new people.  Around 7:30 p.m. two more students joined us.  They were all using our house as an overnight stop on the way to Kansas City.  For having 5 extra people spending the night it went surprising well.

The next day it was back in the kitchen for me.  I whipped up some breakfast for the crew and then they were of to KC to start a week-long internship at a design firm.  Finally I remembered to get my camera out.

Pose like you’re deep in thought, I told them.

Time to say good-bye.  April is not in the pictures because she was too busy crying.  Saying good-bye to her brother is hard.  Not to worry they had a hug before he left.

And they’re off on their adventure to Kansas City.  I get to see all these smiling faces again on Saturday night when they stop in at our bed and breakfast here in beautiful Cincinnati.


  1. You have a beautiful family! Sounds like a perfect visit. How sad for April… John Michael is also very attached to his big brother, Nic, who is 10 years older than him.

  2. Great to see pictures of Derek again! What a beautiful family you have!

  3. What a fun day! Teri

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