Posted by: Susan | March 6, 2012

In an hour………….

Last week April put her Tracfone on the counter and informed me she needed more minutes.  Sorry April, mom is not going to add minutes via the computer any more.  She needs to learn how much those minutes really cost.

In an hour she:

Calculated how much money she needed for minutes, new shoes, haircut and other expenses and then wrote a check on her account.

Dropped off her books at the library.

Cashed her check.

Bought minutes for her phone.

Picked out and paid for her new shoes.

Got her hair cut.

Learned how to add those minutes to her phone.  A snap for April with all her phone skills.  As soon as minutes were added she was back to texting even before she could put her things away.

It’s amazing what you can get done in an hour.



  1. Sounds like April has her priorities in the right place…a girl always needs to make certain to have enough money to keep ones hair coiffed! ; ) Teri

  2. Wow! April is amazing!

    • She really is……………..susan

  3. Yup, nothing like some serious motivation to get things done, whether at the adult level or at a 4 year old level trying to get someone to put on his pants. It’s all about motivation… Fantastic!

  4. April, you are an inspiration to all! I need to get my daughter, Becca, to start reading about you!

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