Posted by: Susan | March 8, 2012

Hanging out with my guy.

Jake and I stole away for some mom and son bonding time on Sunday.  We headed to the high school to see the art show.  Jacob had a piece on display from his 2D/3D Art Class.

Jake had the camera and took pictures of some of his favorite things.

And I had to take Jake’s picture with this picture of Kings Island because this is where he wants to spend lots of time in the summer.  He has already informed me that is where he wants to celebrate his birthday in August.

Then it was on to find his picture.  It was a block print that he made from beginning to end including carving out the block and choosing his favorite color(pink) to use in his design.We ran into some friends and of course we had to show them his masterpiece…

Then it was on to the pharmacy where I taught him how to pick up his own prescription.  Now I can sit in the car and sip coffee while he goes inside and picks up what he needs.  I love teaching my kids to be independent because it gives me more time:)

Saturday night Jake and I are attending the Odd Couples dance at the high school.  This is the dance that you take your parent as a date.  The Hunk had his turn with April.  It is a themed dance, Dr. Seuss, so we had to stop at the costume store to pick out something to wear.

I tried to get him to try on this neat helmet with hair attached so I could take his picture.  You see his response.  I did find two Cat and the Hat hats for our costumes.  Think red shirts, white gloves and a red bow tie.  He said absolutely no bow tie.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get him to wear the hat…..

One last teachable moment before we headed home.  Yes, that is a Wii game he is renting.  My time with Jake is over!

I loved hanging with my guy………..

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