Posted by: Susan | March 13, 2012

Expanding their repertoire

Little known fact… the Hunk attended Gettysburg college on a music (vocal) scholarship.  He was part of their choir and traveled with that choir to Europe and various places around the US to perform.  Fast forward many, many, did I mention many years and we found out that the Gettysburg Choir would be performing at Xavier University in Cincinnati.  Of course we had to go and take Jake and Sam.The weather was perfect, the campus is gorgeous and the acoustics inside the chapel are fantastic.

Jake and Sam mingled with the Xavier students before the show.

Jake did what everyone else was doing while he waited for the performance to begin.

When the concert started we were transported into a world of sacred music, French sonnets (selections from Trois Chansons) and many Shakespeare songs.  The words were printed in the program and Sam was able to listen to the songs and read the words.   At one point he was reading and quietly singing.I actually got tears in my eyes during one piece and was moved more than once by some of the other songs.  The director was fantastic.  He explained each group of songs.  This really added to the experience for the boys.

At the end of the Gettysburg program all alumni were invited to come up and sing the Alma Mater song.  The Hunk was in heaven.  Look closely, he is in the middle of the picture.The boys favorite piece was Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble.  The choir sings a capella and just by using their voices you could see those witches throwing things into the cauldron.  The song ended by the choir members stomping their feet just once.  Jacob jumped a foot out of his seat.  Sam started the standing ovation!


To finish the Gettysburg and Xavier choirs performed together.  It sounded like a heavenly choir.  Stellar, brilliant and magnificent would be words to describe the experience.Lots of high fives and then we were on our way…………..almost.  “Take a picture of the bus mom.”,  Jake said.

I really believe these 3 were ready to board the bus and tour with the Gettysburg College Choir.  Next stop Nashville, TN……………..

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