Posted by: Susan | March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day: 3-21

I just watched Chris Burke, the actor that played Corky on Life Goes On, give an interview on World Down Syndrome Day.  It gave me goosebumps.  You must, must, must watch this clip featured on AOL’s main page...Chris Burke.

Chris: actor, advocate and consultant!

Big brothers Dan and Derek back left, big sister Jen holding Jack

My three older kids grew up watching Life Goes On and it made a big impact on their lives.  Corky was in high school and it showed them that April(and later Jake and Sam) could be included in school and accomplish much in her life.  Every Sunday night we gathered around the TV to watch the show.

Our kids are capable of so much and World Down Syndrome Day acknowledges that.  As Chris says, “A chance to focus on my abilities and not disabilities.”  You must watch the video at least twice.  It is that good.

Where, you might ask, is all this taking place?  The main event is at the United Nations.  World Down Syndrome Day…..tell everyone you know.

My 3 reasons for celebrating today………………………………

Sam and Santa at ProBass Shop

April headed out to Sweetheart Dance

Jacob dancing with Mary at ballroom dance class


  1. What a great family you have!! Happy day to you all!!

  2. Just watched the Chris Burke clip—what a guy!!

    • Thanks for watching Vicky.

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