Posted by: Susan | March 22, 2012

This is what happens when….

This is what happens when you wait 25 minutes for the doctor.Sam fell sound asleep.  He slept so soundly that when the doctor came into the room we were able to talk about Sam and what was going on with him before I woke him up for his yearly physical.  After we were done we went to the lab next door for a blood draw.

Sam watches the whole thing including the needle in the arm.  My kids do much better at this than I do.

My guy Sam is  5′ 1 1/2″ tall and 104 lbs.  He is now officially taller than Jacob and only has an inch to go to catch up with April.  She will not be happy if he grows taller than she is.  So what did I learn at the doctor’s office today?  I learned that they need reclining chairs in the rooms so that mothers can take a nap too while waiting for the doctor to arrive!


  1. Looking forward so much to seeing all of you at Easter. It was so good to see Jennifer after all these years.

  2. I know! Why do they make you wait so long? Teri

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