Posted by: Susan | March 26, 2012

Visual learners…teaching our children with Down syndrome life skills.

Imagine  a present wrapped with white polka dots with red paper tied in a silver bow.  What did you see?  Was it this?  Probably not.

It is so much easier for our kids (and me too) to learn when we show them a picture.  That is why I came up with this teaching tool.I love teaching my kids life skills because that means less work for me to do:)   I took a picture of both the washer and dryer control panels and placed them in a plastic sleeve.  Before this teaching tool I would give them a verbal explanation of which setting to use and because I said it a little different each time it was confusing.  Now instead of me having to go into the basement to show them which setting to use I just circle it and send them down with the picture to do it themselves.  Problem solved.

For those of you who are curious about what was in that box here is the big reveal.Big sister Jenny with nephew Jack hugging his Max the Wonder Dog look-alike.

It’s spring break this week for Jake and Sam.  We are headed to the zoo where the boys do the ever popular scale the rhino statues.  Sam has never been able to pull himself up onto the big rhino much to his disgust.  He is now an inch taller than Jake so maybe today will be his big day.


  1. Great point! When I was in manufacturing, we used to use the same sort of visual queues to eliminate “defects”. Perhaps more of us are visual learners than is commonly believed? Why else would all the large billion dollar manufacturers all use it?

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