Posted by: Susan | March 27, 2012

My daily post is late because of this.

This morning the boys and I decided to clean out their closet.  Notice the stacks of extra sheets on the bed and the fun things they found that they are wearing?

I was ruthless throwing or recycling school papers, paper awards and any other kinds of papers that they had been saving.  Clothes went in one pile for the Goodwill and give-away books in the library pile.  We were making headway when the door bell rang.  I had put an appointment on the calendar for tomorrow and it was today.  The service facilitator with the Ohio Dept. of Disabilities was there to do the boys yearly plan.  Thank goodness I wasn’t in my pajamas.  Two hours later we had finished with all the paper work and of course it was time for lunch.  We then headed out to run errands and pick up some presents for April’s birthday.

Here is how I found Sam waiting for me when I finished checking out at Target.

Jake must pose for me too.  Then it was back home to get ready for my Tuesday night date with the Hunk.  I will get to that closet tomorrow, maybe.


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