Posted by: Susan | March 28, 2012

King of the mountain

On Monday I wrote about the contest going on between top dog Jake and little bro Sam.  Jake has held the title of king of the mountain rhino for years.  All that changed when we went to the zoo.  Here is the bad boy they try to scale every time we go.  He stands proudly in front of the zoo.

Will Sam finally be able to climb the rhino?Little bro has some muscles going on now that he is almost 15 but big brother is still king of the mountain.

We are crazy busy here with Spring Break so all posts will be short this week.  I hope to post about our trip to the zoo tomorrow.  TheCincinnati Zoo celebrates Zoo Blooms every year.  There are now 100,000 tulips in bloom.  If you are going go early and go in the next two weeks.  Here is a preview.


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