Posted by: Susan | March 30, 2012

Best dentist visit ever!

Sam is petrified of the dentist.  It comes from having too many teeth pulled.  Yesterday Jake got his teeth cleaned.  Sam watched him walk calmly back by himself and come back 15 minute later.  Mom did not go back with Jake.  Today Sam didn’t want me to go back with him but I did.  We had a very cool dental hygienist and an even cooler dentist.

Dr. Frye and Heidi……………………………………you rock!  Best dentist visit ever.


  1. Oh yes, we know all about the dentist….and a good one is hard to find. Good Luck!

  2. awwww. a good dentist makes all the difference. darn teeth! Teri

  3. I’m enjoying following your family! I’m home from Zambia for 3 weeks so I’m catching up on your pictures. Over there our internet connections make receiving such detailed pictures difficult. Blessings to all of you. Kathleen Schwartz

    • We were in MD for Easter. Sorry we missed you at Mt. Zion.

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