Posted by: Susan | April 5, 2012

Celebrating the lives of my children with Down syndrome

April is a month of birthdays at our house.  April and Sam’s birthdays are separated by one day.  Here at our house we believe in a birthday week so get ready for some posts on all the celebrations.  We have had 3 days of celebrations so far.  Tonight it was time to acknowledge their special day at dance class.Sam chose to wear that buttoned down shirt and black slacks with his hat.  We had to take a picture of his friend Matt who happened to wear the same hat to class.

Here dapper Sam is doing the cha-cha with his friend Lizzy.  The class does about 14 different dances in an hour.

April and Jake loved leading the conga line.

At the end of the class everyone (50 or so people) gather around and sing happy birthday to anyone who has a birthday coming up during the week.  Sam has been waiting for this for months!  Notice the pure joy on his face.

Next it was April’s turn to have that old familiar tune sung to her.The birthday song, 3 little lines that let someone know that people care about them, acknowledge them and want to celebrate their life.  As the songs were being sung I thought to myself what a great family I have and how much I have to celebrate.


  1. Truly you all are so blessed!! Happy birthday April and Sam!!

  2. April is just so adorable! Teri

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