Posted by: Susan | April 12, 2012

April’s Spring Break

What to do on Spring Break with my darling daughter April.  We have just spent 4 days in Maryland and arrived home late Monday night.  Tuesday April checked her Facebook for birthday messages.  She had 60 birthday wishes.  I asked her how many friends she has on Facebook and was  surprised to find out that she has 341 and counting!  Now what shall we do with the rest of Spring Break week?

Several of my friends have taken their kids to Paris for Spring Break but we decided to do something different and go to Sweden.  April is a great travel companion.After our arrival we went to a local restaurant for some of the famous Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce.

Notice that she is even drinking lingonberry juice.  Where but in Sweden could you find it in the beverage dispenser along side all the soda products?

Next we decided to check out Swedish apartments and furniture.  April hopes to move out soon and we wanted to get some ideas.Here’s a cute bedroom with a great view.

She loved this cozy living room.  This would really work in an apartment for her.

We loved this kitchen with its easy care plants.  How convenient to have everything labeled in Swedish and English.

We enjoyed Sweden so much that we have decided to continue our whirlwind tour by going to France…..the BonBonerie Bakery!

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