Posted by: Susan | April 13, 2012

A church and a bakery

Thursday April and I continued our world tour  by getting as close to Paris as possible without leaving the USA.  We traveled to Kentucky to tour St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.  The church cornerstone was laid in 1895 and the church was dedicated in 1901.  The facade, designed after Notre Dame in Paris, was added in 1910.  The church is breath-taking.

It’s hard to catch the full effect of the Cathedral with a point and click digital camera.  When we entered April was awestruck.  What to look at first, the Stations of the Cross or the stained glass windows?

It was wonderful to see scenes from the Old Testament and the life of Jesus displayed in stained glass windows, murals and mosaics.  We discussed what each one meant and April asked lots of questions.I would ask April first what she thought each scene was about.  Most of the time she knew which story it was from the Bible.As we were leaving I asked her to sign the guest book and she wrote, “I loved your church.  It was a very touching, moving, and emotional experience.”  My daughter with Down syndrome wrote that!  She continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  She said exactly what was in my heart.

We finished our tour by visiting the beautiful gardens around the church.

Our next stop on our French tour was back over the Ohio River to the Bonbonerie  Bakery. 

We fed our souls at St. Mary’s Cathedral and we fed our bodies at the Bonbonerie.  Who knew 24 years ago when April was born that I would have such a great time spending spring break with my daughter!


  1. What beautiful memories you are making together!!

    • I want to give the kids as many good memories as possible. Thanks Vicky.

  2. fun day! I love the end of an outing when the eating takes place. favorite part. Teri

    • The pasteries are amazing at the Bonbonerie!

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