Posted by: Susan | April 16, 2012

My daughter with Down syndrome gives blood….again!

April never forgets when it’s time to give blood.  Today was that day.  She reached her original goal of 1 gallon so her new goal is 5 gallons.  She can give blood about 5 times a year so this is a real long-term goal.It’s getting pretty routine now, my girl filling out the paper work by herself.  She even remembered to tell them about a medication she is currently taking.  I could really just drop her off but I like to hang around just in case.  Does that make me a helicopter mom?

Giving blood to save lives never gets old to April.  She just wishes she could do it more often.  She takes her vitamins to make sure her iron level stays in the normal range.  She does not want a repeat of the time she went to donate and was told no because of low levels.  She knows the drill…get up early, eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of fluids before and after the donation.April wears her Hoxworth Blood Donation t-shirts proudly and encourages others to give blood.

After a quick snack we head home and she spends the afternoon on the sofa watching a movie and texting friends.  April usually feels shaky and sore for a few hours after the donation but that won’t stop her from giving blood in 56 days.   Thanks April.


  1. What a woman April is!! Thank you April!!! We are all so proud of you!!

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