Posted by: Susan | April 19, 2012

Another typical day?

Sam and Jake got out of school early and since the weather here is beautiful I sent them to the park.  I would join them in about 10 minutes after I got a few more things done.  When Max the Wonder Dog and I got to the park we found Sam with shoe and sock off sitting on the ground moaning.  Brother Jake was nowhere to be found.  Luckily the Hunk was home so I called him to pick us up.  I found missing Jake and sent him on ahead.  Note to self…..always make sure Jake takes his phone to the park!

Examination, medication, elevation, ice and then I put on a movie so he would rest.  I thought for sure Super Sam would not be helping at the Youth Group spaghetti dinner later that night.  Never make assumptions.

No that isn’t a professional chef that is our youth director Landon with Jake.  Landon does make fantastic meatballs.

My guys were amazing serving bread to over 200 people.  Notice the plastic gloves?  They can serve the bread but can’t touch or eat it since they both have Celiac Disease(no wheat allowed).  But where is April?

April was out front talking to friends and holding our place in line.  We had only 30 minutes to eat the delicious dinner before we headed off to dance class.  The guys stayed at church and worked.  No dance class for them tonight.  The youth group needed them and that is such a good feeling, to be needed.

And now for my new vignette: He said/She said what?  My kids say some interesting and funny things like this morning before April left for Starfire U.

Me:  “April, why are you so grumpy today?”

April:  “I know what it is mom………’s my hormones.”


  1. Such a girl thing, those hormones …

    • So true!

  2. Love those great kids of yours!! Love April’s comment!!

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