Posted by: Susan | April 25, 2012

They keep you young…ha!

When people meet me out and about with my children, especially Sam, they assume I am his grandmother.  When they learn that I am his mom they always say the same thing, “they keep you young.”

Here I am with April and granddaughter Ava.  Now I ask you, does that face look young?  Mine not April or Ava’s!  I have a better response………………..They keep me current.  I now know most of the songs by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.  I must also listen to Michael Jackson and have learned many new dance moves by watching the boys dance to the Michael Jackson Wii.  My goal is to learn all the steps to Thriller.  I also know quite a few line dances.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, bring it on.  iPad, iPhone, iPod, I love them.  Every night-time Disney show plus Switched at Birth, Glee, and Jane by Design…I’m there.

Excuse me while I go listen to Katy Perry sing Firework.  Baby you’re a f i r e w o r k…   If you haven’t heard it yet you’d better catch up:)


  1. What an amazing woman you are! Go girl!!

    • I do try to keep going and going……………. Thanks Vicky!

  2. You do have a young face with bright, sparkling eyes. 🙂 Kids definitely keep us “current”.

    • Thanks Monica:)

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