Posted by: Susan | April 30, 2012

My guys with Down syndrome helping at church

Most Sunday’s Jake and Sam help at church.  They like to pass out programs, greet people and help take up the offering.  This past Sunday they were asked to extinguish the candles at the end of the service.  By the looks on their faces you can see how seriously they take their jobs.  Notice in the last picture that Sam still has a lit end on the thing he is using to put out the candles.  As he was gleefully exiting the church with this apparatus I was holding my breath hoping he wouldn’t set any exiting people on fire!


  1. What a blessing that the Jake and Sam are serving in the Lord’s house. How pleased the Lord is with them and with you all!

    • I do love it that they are serving in the Lord’s house.

  2. you are so funny. they are lovely helping out at church. so sweet! makes me smile. Teri

    • I admit I did get a little teary eyed when I saw them.

  3. Hi, I’m a pastor at a church in South Carolina and I was wondering if I could use your photo as part of an event announcement for Beloved (a ministry devoted to special needs kids and their families). I have a son with DS but he’s too young to set up a shot with candles. Plus, he’d be trying to blow them out the whole time. Let me know. Thank you!

    • Sent an email with details regarding use. Thanks!

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