Posted by: Susan | May 11, 2012

Don’t forget to have fun.

Parenting is hard, hard work and sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday that we forget to have fun!  There will always be the next thing on your to do list so why not add…..have fun.  You will feel more energized and if you’re married your relationship with your spouse will benefit too.  So how do we have fun at our house?

OK, eating M&Ms may not be classified as fun but what we do with the wrapper is loads of fun.  The Hunk and I play…..Hide the Wrapper.  This crazy game started with a small cardboard heart years ago.  One of us would hide it and the other would find it in some unexpected place.  The heart said, I love you, but we hid it so well we lost it so now we hide an empty bag of M&Ms.  Several day ago The Hunk discovered it when he slipped his foot into his slipper…………silly and fun.  Just a game that makes us laugh.

We  have a weekly date night and it’s hard not to laugh when you are married to Jim.  He purposely picked the ugliest shirt he could find in his closet to wear on our date.  Jacob went into hysterics when he saw it.  Later at the movies we were commenting on the fact that we had never been to a 3D movie so of course I had to document it with a picture.Ugly shirt+glasses on up-side down+peanut M&Ms =F  U  N  !  What fun things have you been doing lately to balance out your busy life?

If you live in the Cincinnati area check out my daughter’s blog, Let’s Talk Down Syndrome, for details about a Sibling Workshop coming up soon.



  1. I would like to state for the record, “the hunk” AKA “Dad” makes the most mundane experiences fun.

    • So true!

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