Posted by: Susan | May 16, 2012

Road Trip

I got a call from Derek, our oldest son, wondering if a friend of his and her roommate could stop in and see us.  They were on the first leg of a cross-country trip that started in Virginia and would take 6 weeks to complete.  I suggested that they spend the night because our B&B is always open to friends.  They arrived at our house Monday night just in time for dinner.  Earlier that day they had been at Kings Island riding roller coasters.Notice that the “friends” are gorgeous young women.  Meredith and Caitlin were more than happy to go to the park with Jake and Sam after dinner.  Blond Meredith is begging Caitlin for a turn on the swing in the above picture:)

In this picture Jake and Meredith are singing their hearts out while they swing.  Next it was on to walk the park and tour the Rec. Center.  Jake and Sam did the tour because Max the wonder dog is not allowed inside!

The girls played frisbee and baseball with Jake and Sam until it got dark.  When they came inside they all watched a movie together.  Who wouldn’t want house guests like these?  They were off the next morning and it was a little embarrassing when I threw myself on their car and begged them to take me with them.  Surely the Hunk could take over for 6 weeks.  Later that afternoon Sam arrived home, ran in the door and asked, “Where are the hot girls?”

Offering hospitality to friends is a great way to have our kids experience new people.

Where was April you might be wondering?  She was out to dinner with her friends.  She has places to go and people to see….love it.


  1. Oh so fun! I bet they loved those pretty girls visiting. Teri

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