Posted by: Susan | May 17, 2012

Proud is proud.

Proud is proud.  Is that even a grammatically correct sentence?  Let me explain.  Last week I had 2 of my boys studying for a very hard test.

My oldest son Derek, getting his degree in industrial design at Virginia Tech, was studying for a math final.  You know the kind of math that is a requirement for your major but btw  is an online class that you basically teach yourself.  He put in hours and hours of study time.

My youngest son Sam, shown here with friend Brennan, had a Science test.  You know the kind your mom makes flash cards to study. He put in  hours and hours of study time (OK, at least an hour).

Both sons studying for an important test during the same week.As you can see Sam got an A+ on his paper.  It went right on the fridge and we took him out to dinner to celebrate.  Derek got 100% on his on-line exam and I told him since I couldn’t put that on the fridge I would stick it to my brain with a smiley face sticker.  His response was classic.
As for the test, I wish I had it to let you pin up!  No joke, one problem alone took about 20 minutes to setup and solve, a whole page of strange markings and letters.  So if you ever need to know the exact area between two curves – don’t ask me because I’m done with that class!  :p  Well said Derek!

So to me it doesn’t matter if they are studying for a math test in college or a science test in a resource class because when you’re a mom:  Proud is proud.


  1. well said! yay Sam! Teri

  2. You have so many reasons to be proud of your sons!!!

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