Posted by: Susan | May 24, 2012

A field day for everyone

We live in a very exercise friendly community.  Last Saturday Blue Ash Field Day was held at our Recreation Center to mark the start of their summer programs.  It didn’t matter if you were 2 or 62 their was some form of exercise for you to try!

Where’s Waldo? Hint…look for a tie dyed shirt.

Jake loves the sack race.  He actually won this because there is hardly anyone that can out hop Jake, not even Sam.  Where is Sam?

Sam does not love the sack races so he used his time to do cart wheels and round offs over and over again until we discovered the 40 yard dash station.

Run April run.

Run Jacob run.

Sam didn’t want anything to slow him down so off came the shoes, socks and shirt.  Now he’s ready to run……..

My 5′ tall, 106 lb. guy ran that 40 yard dash in only 5.68 seconds which is very fast for someone that small who doesn’t train.  Now I know why I have such a hard time keeping up with him.  Here is another interesting thing about the field day.  Since I didn’t set up or time the 40 yard dash my kids wanted to do it over and over again.   After Jake and April had run the dash 4 times and Sam had done it 8 times it was time to move on to the spinning class.

Did you think I meant bike spinning class?  Oh no, this was a class taught by the person that teaches clowning at our Rec. Center.  We have everything here in Blue Ash.  Maybe this summer Jake and Sam will take some clowning classes.  Me, I’m just going to clown around.


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