Posted by: Susan | May 31, 2012


This morning April is going around the house humming Pomp and Circumstance since Jake is graduating tonight!  The last 2 weeks have been a flurry of “senior” activities.

The last choir concert and of course the seniors sang their last song, Farewell, that made me cry.

The Senior Picnic where you wear you Senior t-shirt that has YOLO on the back which means…You Only Live Once.

Jacob can’t walk through the halls of the school without being stopped and hugged by the girls or knuckle bumped by the guys.

The last Senior activity was the graduation rehearsal where he picked up his honors cord.

As usual he was stopped for a hug.  I had to document this last photo with his friends in school.

Even as he was leaving the school, never to return as a student, he was talking to friends and getting congratulation wishes from the staff at the front desk.  Jake was totally included in this school.  He rocked it!

It doesn’t matter as a parent if your child has Down syndrome or not.  Graduation makes you happy and sad.  One chapter of their life ends and another begins.  One chapter of your life ends and another begins.  You wonder if you did enough to help prepare them for what lies ahead.

I won’t dwell on the sad (the end of school) but will concentrate on all the happy years Jake had at school.  I will look forward to his future with great hope and……I will take lots of  Kleenex to the graduation ceremony tonight.



  1. Gosh, I’m feeling a little sad about it. I can tell by just the photos that Jake had a great HS experience. Have a great graduation! Teri

    • You’re up early. Have a fabulous day and thanks for the encouragement.

  2. You’ve done a fantastic job preparing Jake! Congrats to all of you and especially Jake!

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