Posted by: Susan | June 15, 2012

Planting pumpkins

“Hey guys, let’s plant pumpkins”, I cheerily said and then added something about doesn’t that sound fun.  I was met with grumbles and stares.  I thought I would be ever so clever and get them excited by showing them the seed pack.  Slight problem.  I picked up the seeds for Spooky Pumpkins which happen to be white.  “White pumpkins.  We don’t need no stinking white pumpkins.”  Oh sorry, that is just me ad libbing on “we don’t need no stinking badges” from an old movies.  Both boys told me that white pumpkins were not what they had in mind.  They wanted orange…………

We went outside and used every tool from the shed to prepare the soil: shovel, hoe, trowel, roller thingy and not one but 2 rakes.  After adding potting soil to the regular soil and getting all the dirt clods out we were ready to plant.  By this time Sam had disappeared into the house, but not to worry, I sweetly asked him to come outside again.  By sweetly I mean I yelled upstairs where he was attempting to watch TV, “Get outside now!”  Once again my skills learned as a cheer leader served me well.

Jake and Sam each planted 5 white pumpkin seeds and since we were outside and sweaty I decided we should finish planting some flower seeds.  A certain chipmunk has been busy digging up and eating everything I have planted so far.

So now we water and wait and chase that darn chipmunk away for 3 months until our crop is ready to harvest.  I might even have a pumpkin stand in the front yard if we have a bumper crop.  I just hope that lots of people will want to buy our “Spooky” white pumpkins.



  1. Wow, are you motivated, spunky, and energetic!!

    • Or just plain crazy……………

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