Posted by: Susan | June 18, 2012

He said, she said

Raise your hand if you went to Wendy’s to celebrate Father’s Day.  We did!  On Saturday we celebrated with big sister and family.  Sunday I made a special Father’s Day breakfast so it seemed only right to top off the festivities with lunch at a restaurant.  One of the perks of being older and eating at Wendy’s is this perk: free drinks for seniors.  I am hoping this free drink for seniors thing will catch on at the Mexican restaurant near our house (margaritas) but I digress.  Our family policy is that we don’t buy drinks when we eat out but opt for water.  When Jake saw our iced tea, super-sized by an employee perhaps because it was Father’s Day, he said:

Jake:  “Why do Mom and Dad get a drink?”

April:  “They get it because they are seniors.”

Recent graduate Jake:  “I’m a Senior!”

April:  “Not that kind of Senior, silly………old people.”

Thanks for that concise explanation April.


  1. Love it!!

    • Me too.

  2. I love that picture of the two of them! And why not free margaritas! Too funny! Teri

    • Yes, free margaritas……………..

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