Posted by: Susan | June 20, 2012


I resolved this year to get Sam’s backpack ready for school as soon as he finished in June!  Usually I just empty the backpack and drag it out a week or so before school starts.  I lose things over the summer that had been in the bag.  I vowed this year would be different.  After I dumped contents and threw most of it away I put the backpack in the washing machine on cold and then dried it outside.  I was able to salvage colored pencils and his Conversation Notebook.Image

We just started using the Conversation Journal at the end of the school year.  Sam’s brilliant speech pathologist came up with this great way to prompt Sam.  When he looks at the pictures and simple sentences he is able to have a more in depth conversation with teacher’s and friends.ImageI’m not trying to rush summer I just want to be prepared for school without my usual, “Now where did I put that?”


  1. You are an amazing woman and mother!

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