Posted by: Susan | June 25, 2012

What I learned on my walk about Down syndrome

I have been faithfully walking everyday and love it.  It’s early, quiet and I am alone.  Today I decided to take a different route that involved a hill.  I actually made it to the top without stopping or hyperventilating.  Just as I was feeling rather smug a guy, about 20 years younger, jogged passed me.  After he got about a 1/2 block ahead of me he stopped and started to walk.  I bet he felt smug too when he jogged all the way up the hill.  But here’s the thing.  We both made it to the top!  I am also sure that there that there are many people out there that can run that hill and not stop at all.  Then it hit me that there is an analogy here for life with Down syndrome.  As parents when we first find out about the diagnosis of DS we think my child will never be able to do ____________________.  We tend to over think life and the future.  Our kids with DS, for the most part, can do everything but sometimes at a different level.

Should I not dance if I can’t be on Dancing with the Stars?

Should I not be on a swim team if I can’t be an Olympic champion?

And if I can’t be Claude Monet should I stop creating?

There will always be people who can do things better than we or our kids can.  Life is not about comparing but about fully participating at whatever our level may be.  I guess Nike is right…..Just do it!


  1. Amen sister!!!

  2. Yes!! So great. Isn’t walking alone the best? I get all my inspiration from my early walks by myself. The best!

  3. Love this post! Thank you for sharing!

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