Posted by: Susan | July 3, 2012

Lunch, a museum, and a life lesson

Driving across Route 460 on our way to Virginia Beach I spotted a small sign that said Bob Evans Farm and Restaurant.  I suggested to the Hunk that we stop for lunch and check it out.  We found it just outside a very small Ohio community and the restaurant was packed.  Not a problem for us because our kids think sitting at the counter is a treat.  I took this picture because I liked the Mason jar lights.  Sam(ever-present peace sign), April, Jake being silly, and the Hunk

After a yummy lunch we headed out back to the Homestead/Museum.

The kids were intrigued by the replica of the first restaurant.  It had only 3 stools and great prices.The museum was crammed with memorabilia.  The kitchen was set-up to show how the first TV commercial for the restaurant  was done.  It was filmed in the family home.  Upstairs housed 33 quilts.

As we drove away from Rio Grande, Ohio I started thinking about what kind of man Bob Evans must have been.  He took a family recipe and made his own sausage because he didn’t like one made with fillers.  He opened a 3 stool restaurant in the middle of no where (12 miles from his home).  Can’t you just hear people saying how it won’t work….lousy location, not enough traffic, product not innovative enough, no branding.  Bob just kept plugging away.  He also filmed that early commercial using the new technology of his day.  After lots of hard work and perseverance he was a success.  There are now 600 restaurants.

How about you?  Are there naysayers in your life that tell you everything that is wrong with your child with Down syndrome instead of everything that is right?  Do what Bob did.  Use all the positive things you learned from your family as you grew up, start small, keep going and use the latest technology with your kids.  Plug away day after day and you will see amazing results.

Thanks Bob for that very important life lesson.


  1. Funny enough the kids and I have a lunch date there today (Kids eat free on Tuesdays). I will think of this post and this lesson for sure. I may even read it to the kids. 🙂

    • I wish my kids could still eat free. I bet you had fun on your “date”!

      • Too bad I didn’t know the “free” part didn’t start til 4 p.m. Oh well. I promised lunch out so we stayed. 🙂

  2. Rio Grande is about 35 minutes from my hometown…small town USA 🙂

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