Posted by: Susan | July 4, 2012

Hometown 4th of July Parade

Montgomery, Ohio on a hot July morning is a perfect place to watch a parade.  After waking the kids, and by that I mean teens and young adult, getting them through breakfast, making sure Jake had his insulin, packing up the car and waiting for slow poke April I was starting to hyper-ventilate.  We found a great place and waited for the parade to begin.

We always stand when the flag goes by.

This is my favorite guy in the parade.

My favorite line by the Hunk, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

My favorite walker.

My favorite line by Jake when he saw the clowns coming (April hates clowns), “April don’t look at them!”Notice April’s face as she observes the clowns.

My favorite moment of the parade was when the principal of the Jr. High, who was marching with 2 choirs that will participate in the World Choir Games, left the parade to hug Sam.

My favorite band was dressed as Santas.  They stopped in front of the retirement community to play music from the 40’s.  They were awesome.

My favorite dancers were these guys who danced when the bag pipers went by.I love living in small town America.  We are off to a picnic in the park with our whole neighborhood.  This afternoon there will be swimming and tonight we are able to walk up through the park and watch fireworks…..

Happy 4th of July!


  1. I love a parade. Yours looks very small towny. Very quaint! Looks like everyone enjoyed! Teri

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