Posted by: Susan | July 7, 2012

July 7…Pies

I love July 7th.  It is a day that I get do what I want to do (sort of) like go the farmer’s market and buy 2 pies.

I also get to go the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for others while Sam picks out 2 cards for me.  We don’t buy them because I really don’t want to spend $13 and…

I really, really don’t want to see David Hasselhoff with his shirt off.

While I am at the bank  April calls to tell me there is a big surprise waiting at home.

This is going to be a fabulous birthday I decide as I eat my first piece of pie at 10:30 a.m.  I have 2 birthday pies and the whole day ahead of me to enjoy them.  My 3 kids have a busy afternoon planned and later tonight we will have a low key dinner and you guessed it…..more pie!



  1. Happy birthday to one of the world’s greatest Moms!!

  2. Hope you had a great bday! Happy belated Birthday!
    That post made me giggle about the pies, the $13 cards, and the Hoff!
    I love reading about your adventures! Teri

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