Posted by: Susan | July 9, 2012

Plan B

Cincinnati is hosting the World Choir Games and I was hoping to take the kids to see a free performance on Saturday.  As the temperature started to climb to 104 we headed out and felt very lucky to snag a parking spot close to the venue.  The choirs were singing in a library near us and as we approached we found out from a person leaving that it was shoulder to shoulder standing room only.  Since the Hunk has a bad back and standing for 2 hours would make it worse we came up with plan B.  I knew of another international location.Would you walk over this bridge?  I told the Hunk I would if he would go first and make it safely to the other side.  Fortunately he made it since…

our international destination was in the very large, very well air-conditioned, Ikea.  How much fun is that?  OK, not the World Choir Games free concert but we could sit down any time we wanted to.Notice how clever Sam turns that peace sign into…

Bunny ears.  After Ikea it was off to Red Robin to enjoy their Gluten Free menu and then home to stay cool.  Plan B worked out just fine.

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