Posted by: Susan | July 10, 2012


I do things differently now that the boys are home for the summer.  No more mom and daughter Mondays while Jake and Sam are in school.  Last week April insisted she had to give blood.  I told her that I couldn’t come in, couldn’t help her if she had questions while she filled out the paper work and couldn’t take pictures of her actual donation.  “No problem just drop me off and I’ll call when I’m done,” she said.  I did take a picture of her before she took up her position on the couch to recover.This was her 11th donation!  And what is she holding?

She was given a one day pass to Kings Island for donating blood.  Since she already has a gold pass she will be taking a friend with her and using that ticket.  I will be a drop them off because it’s summer and I have the boys with me all the time.  Oh wait, I said that already.

Thanks April for donating again.


  1. What a generous, amazing woman April is!

    • She never ceases to amaze me…..

  2. Good for April! What is King’s Island? Rides and things? April makes my heart melt. Teri

    • King’s Island is a huge amusement park:)

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