Posted by: Susan | July 11, 2012

Happy Bithday Jake

Jake has officially left his teen years behind!Twenty candles on a gluten-free cake make quite a show.  The Hunk wanted to use less candles mumbling something about too much wax dripping on the cake but I insisted on 20 for this leaving the teen years behind birthday.

I would love to know what he wished for.  I hope it comes true.

After the candles came the presents.  April had written a missive telling Jake what she loved about him.  She insisted on reading it and the card she bought out-loud.

April’s expression is priceless.   She knows she bought Jake the perfect birthday present, a University of Cincinnati t-shirt.  Don’t you just love that feeling of knowing you hit it out of the ball park when you find the perfect gift?

Welcome to your 20’s Jake!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jake! i remember the first time I saw him in your arms as a precious baby. I love April’s joyful expression!!

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