Posted by: Susan | July 17, 2012

You know you’ve got a friend when…

You know you’ve got a friend when:

Your former babysitter texts your daughter (April) to say she’s coming into town and wants to come for a visit.

Your former babysitter e-mails you to ask when would be a good time to see the kids because she is going to be in town for 2 days.

Your former babysitter meets your at an early hour for breakfast and remembers Jake’s birthday and comes with a gift.

The extraordinary Liz, now a genetic counselor, with April, Jake, and Sam.

But I know I’ve really got a friend when Liz remembered my birthday and gave me a gift certificate to my favorite bakery, Bon Bonnerie!

If any of you are going to the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention this weekend in Washington DC be sure to look up my daughter Jennifer Bekins.  She is a speech pathologist and will be presenting on Sunday.  Details at her blog Talk-Down Syndrome.  The art work at the top of her blog was done by Sam.

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