Posted by: Susan | July 18, 2012

Today I found myself………..

I jumped out of bed and started with my to do list hurrying to get it all done.  I needed to go out to the YMCA camp my boys will be attending starting Sunday to meet with the cook and the nurse.  If they only had Down syndrome it could be a drop and go as I left them for 6 fun-packed days.  But when you are dealing with Celiac disease and diabetes you have to plan, and pack up supplies, and figure out menus because most of the camp food contains wheat.    You can’t just say, “Here is my kid’s insulin….good luck.”  I met with the nurse and counselor for about an hour to go over a very detailed list of instructions.  High blood sugar, low blood sugar, glucagon, snacks, corrections, insulin doses, calling 911 were some of the fun things we talked about.  I must say they were both wonderful and I felt relieved that Jake would have such competent people helping him.  Since the Hunk had the kids I thought  if I rush home I could be there in time to make lunch.  Then I took a deep breath and said to myself, “No!”  Jim will make them something great.  I am going to Ikea and have the Swedish meatballs and get some towels that I need.

After a leisurely lunch where I wasn’t counting carbohydrates or figuring insulin dosage I decided not to fly through Ikea but look at the new  room displays.  So here is the big thing that happened to me today.  Today I found myself wandering.  Not rushing, not thinking about my next task, not watching out for other people, but just wandering and looking and enjoying myself all alone.  I loved it.  And since I was wandering I started thinking that maybe I rush too much, plan too much and do too much and that the key for me is just to slow down.

I came home to a minor crisis that involved me rushing right back out the door to take care of it.   Sometimes you do have to rush but most of the time you don’t.  My new mantra is, “Slow down you move to fast.”   May this day find you with time to wander.


  1. Very good advice!! I’m learning this from a wonderful book–a favorite–1000 Gifts by Ann Voscamp.

    • Love that author. I follow her blog. I am going to buy that book.

  2. awwww! I love that message. Wandering is one of those precious things in life when you are just where you are. It gets us back to our true self. I love that you caught yourself in the moment and appreciated your wandering time! Teri

    • My favorite place to wander is at the beach.

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