Posted by: Susan | July 23, 2012

My favorite time of year.

I love summer.  Summer means swimming and free concerts in the park and vacation at the beach but most of all it means that the boys go to camp!  Five, 24 hour periods, where I don’t worry about cooking gluten-free meals or counting carbohydrates to figure out an insulin dose.

During our 35 minute ride to Camp Bliss Campbell Gard we listened to some wonderful music from the 70’s.  Just your basic Rock & Roll blaring as we drove to camp.  One of my favorite songs came on and I turned to Sam and said, “Hey Sam, this is a song that I used to listen to when I was young, cute and wore a bikini.”  He looked at me and said, “I’m not buying it!”  No way can Sam imagine that I was ever young or wore a bikini.

After dropping off medicines, additional food for their gluten-free diet, and having the ever popular head lice check they saw a friend that would be with them for the week.

I was thrilled because many of the counselors from last year were returning including one of their favorites Colin.  Colin has a lovely English accent and the kids have nick-named him Robin Hood.Just before I left I went to their cabin to say good-bye.  I got a hug from Jake and a quick wave from Sam while he informed me there would be no kissing.  Five, 24 hour periods, of no boys.  I would keep writing about all the wonderful things that the Hunk and I will be doing but I have to email my guys.  I am starting to miss them.



  1. awwww. so great! (for all you you!) nice for you to get a little break even though you miss them. i love the bikini bit! Teri

    • I just got back from having lunch on the Ohio River watching the barges, boats and a paddle boat go by.

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