Posted by: Susan | July 25, 2012


This…is where we went on vacation.

This…is Jake’s reaction to the beach, arms flung wide to take in all the beauty, excitement and joy that we would experience.

This…is what all 13 of us do for a week together in a large rental home with a pool a few blocks from the beach.We swim.

We hang out with big brother Derek.

We talk to big sister Jen.

We watch baby Ava sleep in her own special tent on the beach.

We hang out together and then…

We play with baby Ava…We swim with our nephews Jack and Henry.

Big bro Derek next to Jake, baby Ava, fabulous daughter-in-law Lindsey and big bro Dan.

We eat 3 meals a day together and even go out once to give Chef Pete, (wonderful son-in-law) who prepares the nightly dinner feast, a break and while we are waiting for dinner we…watch baby Ava play with her hands.

We hug, a lot, because all too soon the vacation will be over and we have to say….

good-bye until we see each other again at Christmas, six long months away.

Our whole family together,   Now this…….is a great vacation!


  1. So happy for all of you!!

    • We had such a lovely time together. I know you appreciate the time when you have all your boys home together.

  2. how lovely Susan! so much family fun and Ava is the cutest darn thing! Teri

    • It was so fun to have Ava with us.

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