Posted by: Susan | July 30, 2012

The boys are back in town.

After 5 days of reading, restaurants and reorganizing I am back to our busy life.  The boys blew back into town on Friday night.  Literally they came home during one of the many storms that have been blowing through Ohio for the last several weeks.  Friday afternoon I grabbed a quick pedicure and Thai food to go while the Hunk picked the boys up from camp.

Saturday was packed full.  While the boys went swimming and April got a pedicure (yes, we love pretty toes) I went to a book signing.This book incorporates a story about adoption, landmarks in Cincinnati and takes place during Christmas.  All proceeds are given to various groups in Cincinnati that facilitate adoption, one of them being the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati.  I knew I had to go meet the author(Nadine Huffaman) and illustrator(Marilyn Lebhar) and thank them for this generous act. A Cincinnati Night Before Christmas will go right into my collection of Christmas books to be enjoyed year after year.

Later that afternoon April, Jake and Sam performed at the Sharonfest with their dance class.  While we were waiting we saw Elvis.Jake and Sam managed to dunk the guy in the dunking booth 5 times much to the surprise of everyone watching.Most people look at April, Jake and Sam and see that they have Down syndrome and automatically think they can’t do this or that.  It’s called judging a book by its cover syndrome.  My guys got 6 balls and 5 times this happened.The lesson here is if you have a sign on a booth that says Dunk Me and the Meyers’ boys stroll up….be prepared to get wet.  They have also taught me to be aware of how I look at others.  Thanks guys for another life lesson.  You continue to amaze.


  1. I love that picture of them hugging Elvis. So cute! Teri

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