Posted by: Susan | July 31, 2012

Dance Performance

My guys dance and perform at various venues around Cincinnati.  Look closely and you can see Elvis watching from the stage in the above picture.  I love this chance for April, Jake and Sam to put on a ballroom dance show with some of the people from their class because…………….giving a performance means you are included in the community.  They were there to entertain people who attended the Sharonfest.  The show opened with the A-Markia Dancing Stars and they were followed by Elvis and several bands.They showed off their skills and abilities like the other performers that night.

Sam was working his hat, as usual, and did a few cartwheels and round offs to get things started before the performance began.  That guy has always known how to work the crowd.

As their dance instructor Mary Ramirez Cook says, “Life is truly a dance.”

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