Posted by: Susan | August 2, 2012


How many of you can vacuum and play with a new app at the same time?I had just downloaded a Power Rangers app for Jake and when I walked in to check on his chore progress this is how I found him.  I had to laugh when I saw it but did make him put the iPod down until after he finished.  The really neat thing is that he learned how to navigate around that app in 5 minutes flat.  He took a picture of me with his iPod and then put a Power Ranger helmet on me via the app.  I must admit I look pretty good as a blue Power Ranger.

Does eating chocolate while I’m posting on my blog count as multi-tasking?


  1. Yes, it does.
    What did we do before our iPhones and devices? They make chores bearable don’t they? I wish I had apps growing up… xo Teri

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