Posted by: Susan | August 6, 2012

Sam has always wanted to….


Today Sam went to watch his Dad play tennis while I took Jake to a diabetes appointment.  Both boys had to get up early and neither were particularly  thrilled with rolling out of bed at 7 a.m. this summer morning.  I thought Sam would be bored but oh how wrong I was.  Sam has always wanted to ride on a motorcycle and his dream came true after the tennis match.The thing I loved about this motorcycle ride was that it didn’t take place on the interstate going 70 mph but around a church parking lot.  Thanks Carl for the ride.  We can now scratch “ride a motorcycle” off Sam’s bucket list.  That’s right he has a bucket list.  Doesn’t everyone????????????


  1. Good for Sam! What a fun ride.

    • The best thing is that it happened during Daddy/Sam bonding time.

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