Posted by: Susan | August 7, 2012

I really needed to laugh.

It has been several weeks, maybe even months, since I have had a really good laugh.  I’ve had a laugh here and there and some giggles but what I needed was several hours of laughter.  Life gets busy and stressful and as mothers we soldier on until one day we realize that we aren’t laughing enough.  It’s an underlying feeling I was having until Sunday.  I had planned a birthday party for the Hunk and besides our family had invited some neighbors to attend.  Getting ready for a party is work even if it is casual.  No laughing going on here.  Just me asking everyone to pitch in and receiving grumbles from my “helpers”.  All that changed when the party started.  We spent 3 1/2 hours together eating, drinking and laughing.  Jake and Sam ate dinner with us but disappeared when they were done.  April pulled up a chair to the big table and joined in the fun.  At one point during dinner the Hunk sent Jake to the kitchen to get him a second helping of my fabulous orzo salad.  I went into the kitchen too and told Jake to leave Dad’s plate.  I totally forgot to refill it and I heard Jim say from the dining room, “Jake, where is my plate?”  Jake responded, ” Mom has it Dad.  She’s lost her focus.”  Lots of laughter from that response.

The next day I got several phone calls telling me about what a fun time had been had at the party.  One neighbor told me she laughed so hard her face hurt.  I still have an after-glow from all that laughter.  I need to get out of my rut of focusing so much on my kids and have friends over more often.  It makes me a better person to share a meal, celebrate a milestone, and laugh with my friends and family!


  1. So good to hear about all the fun and laughter your wonderful family is having!

    • Thanks Vicky. Laughter is really good medicine.

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