Posted by: Susan | August 8, 2012

Elvis was in town last night!

It’s true.  Elvis comes and performs in Blue Ash at the Nature Center amphitheater every year and the best part is it’s free.  No, the best part is we can walk from our house to the concert.  No, the best part is he now recognizes April, Jake and Sam in the audience since we go every year.  OK, so there are many “best part.”  I forgot my camera but the “best part” was that our friend Rose went with us again and took pictures with her phone.

Poor Elvis.  It was 90 degrees and humid.  I bet that white suit was slightly damp when he finished.

Here we are all waiting for the show to begin.  The excitement was high in this packed audience.  We had staked out a spot with our chairs earlier that day.  We always choose a place very close to the stage.  The better to interact with the King.

Alright, the best part was that April got the first flower lei given out in the show and our friend Rose got one too before the show was over.

Now I know by now you must all be incredibly jealous at our fabulous life style but not to worry.  Elvis will be back next summer and you can plan your vacation around his appearance.  Check out his website here:  jimaselvis

Jim Jones has a wonderful show and is incredibly kind to my three kids.  After the show April wanted to know if I would book him for her next birthday.  We’ll see………………..

Really the “best part” might have been these smiles.

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