Posted by: Susan | August 15, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Have you been busy?  It seems like the end of the summer wrap- up has kept us moving.  We had a party for the Hunk, our anniversary, summer tutoring, a surprise visit from big brother and that is just in the last week.  I took my camera to the pool for some end of the summer photos. Notice the boys had the pool all to themselves as they dove and had Olympic races.  We used the Olympics to sneak in some natural learning.  What’s the capital of England?  What is the bridge called that the Olympic Rings are on?  What’s the name of that big clock?  One day Jake and April even made a collage.  So fun to use natural learning opportunities.  This first picture shows the finish of a “race”.  Jake had just done a backwards flip-turn at the other end of the pool, no idea where he learned that skill, and Sam was acting as the “wall” at the end of the race.ImageImage

Not to be out done Jake had his special dive (jump).

Only 2 more weeks and all this pool fun will be over.



  1. Pure joy on their faces. Pools are always so much fun. Yes, I’ve been busy! I’m trying to slow down a bit and enjoy the last weeks of summertime. I appreciate your always sweet comments on my blog too! We’ve had lots of heat this past week here by the beach, today is a welcomed cool front coming in. Enjoy the next 2 weeks of summer fun! T

    • My 29 year old son is heading to LA for 2 weeks of training. I so hope he gets time to visit Manhattan Beach where my husband and I met and got married!

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