Posted by: Susan | August 17, 2012

Saying good-bye for now.

After a whirlwind 2 1/2 day visit from our oldest son Derek it was time to say good-bye.  We had crammed in a visit to the zoo, Ikea, Starbucks, a walk to the park and lots of lots of talking time.  My favorite time with Derek was being with him at church.  As I looked over at him during the service I remembered all the times we sat together as he was growing up.  Sniff.

All too soon it was time for him to go.  April, who never likes to see her brother leave, was upstairs sobbing.  Not to worry though because Derek went up to her room for some one on one time.  Jake and Sam were eager to show off their muscles and carry big brother’s things to his car.

Jake wanted to get in Derek’s cool car just one more time and I wanted to hug him good-bye just 10 more times.April and I are a lot alike.  Even though I was smiling on the outside as I said my final farewell I was sobbing on the inside.  Will I ever get over the feeling of wanting all my children to move out of the house and live….right next door?


  1. I couldn’t have said it better than you did….”Will never get over the feeling of wanting my children to move out of the house and live…right next door.”

    • I am so thankful that I have one of my grown children living in Cincinnati!

      • God provided for Rebecca–and blessed me when Anna’s husband was transferred to Cincinnati 2 years ago bringing 3 of our granddaughters nearby! I am still amazed and in awe of God’s surprise! Tim and family are still in town and Andy and family are just 2 hours north. In 42 years of marriage, only one year was near my parents and never in the same state as adult siblings.No lack of thanksgiving here…the kids are not next door…but close enough to enjoy! You and I are fortunate to have great families and healthy,happy, retired husbands to help
        us enjoy these years we have worked hard building kids lives. Now, Grandchildren…the icing on the cake!

      • So true. One little thing though, Jim is not retired:)

      • …officially retired from his career…but very much occupied with volunteer jobs and accounting…best he keeps busy, he being a type A, task oriented person! I need some room to procrastinate ….and be creative with my time! 😉

  2. What a handsome man, Derek is!! I think I will never get over missing my children…no matter how old they are.

    • I told Derek he should model and then help me buy a house for my 3 still at home:)

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