Posted by: Susan | August 20, 2012

Practicing hospitalitiy

The boys love going to summer camp and have had some wonderful counselors while at camp.  Last year they had a counselor who came all the way from England to spend the summer working in the United States.  We even exchanged emails with him during the year and were thrilled to find out he was coming back again this year.When the Hunk went to pick them up from camp I asked him to extend a dinner invitation to Colin and he accepted!  This week he and another wonderful counselor,Sarah, came for dinner.  Practicing hospitality takes preparation and work and I wanted the boys to be part of the process.  We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.  I knew that they would want to show off their bedroom and the basement so we made sure they were picked up and dusted.  Food needed to be prepared and the table needed to be set.  When they started to grumble I reminded them we were having their friends over.  Later that afternoon, after driving over an hour, Sarah and Colin arrived and the good times started.After taking their friends swimming Jake and Sam played Blongo in the backyard with them.

Sam tried to distract his opponent by showing his well-defined abs.  Sarah was not fazed at all. Dinner was followed by a rousing game of Left, Right, Center.  Lots of laughing and talking went on during this winner take all game.  Just as I thought, after dinner the boys and April had to show off the basement followed by their bedrooms.  Colin was thrilled  to see the basement because, “We don’t have basements in England.”  All too soon it was time for our guests to leave.  There were lots of hugs and promises of return visits.  I am so hoping that Sarah and Colin will be back at camp next year.  We loved getting to know them on a more personal level.  How fortunate the boys were to have them as their camp counselors.

Do you involve your children in preparing for guests?  It’s another way to prepare them to become independent adults.

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