Posted by: Susan | August 22, 2012

Emptying my nest

On the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer was a story by Paul Daugherty local sports writer.  Paul has a daughter who has Down syndrome and she is about April’s age.  Jillian is an independent young woman who attends Northern Kentucky University and gest there on her own by riding the Metro bus.  Her next big step is moving into an apartment with a roommate and living on her own.  Paul talks about his pride in what she has done and the bitter-sweet sorrow of her moving out. You can read his great article here:   Parents know sweet sorrow

After reading the article I started thinking about emptying my nest.  As a mother of 6 I have already pushed said good-bye to my 3 older children and now it is time to boot help get my last 3 ready to move out.  I have a time line and some what of a plan.  I have actually been looking at different options for the last 6 months and this has nothing to do with my increased wine consumption….I think.

April, age 24, actually had an offer of a place to live last week.  She politely declined because it wasn’t in the community she wants to live in.  My time line for April is to have her move in the next year.

Jake, age 20, is a little trickier because of his diabetes.  I need someone available to oversee his care.  He is able to check his blood sugar level, calculate his insulin dose and give himself an injection.  He needs help counting carbohydrates and making sure his calculations for insulin amounts are correct.  My time line for Jake is 2-3 years.  He wants to room with his best friend….April.

Sam, age 15, still has years of school and job training to complete.  I am aiming on having him move out when he is 21 a mere 6 years away.

So there you have my long-term plan for emptying my nest.  If all goes according to plan the Hunk and I will only be 70 and 76 years old when they are all on their own.  Plenty of time to enjoy our golden years.  As Jim loves to say, “Seventy is the new sixty!”

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