Posted by: Susan | August 26, 2012

Life skills for my daughter with Down syndrome

The title of this post has to do with life skills and I must admit some of my posts are tongue in cheek but really every woman needs to know how to do this skill.When you think about it there are many parts to getting a pedicure:

1.  Picking out your nail polish or in April’s case two different ones because she likes the crackle polish.

2.  Learning how to operate that complicated massage chair:  forward, back, full massage, thumping massage, neck massage and all the rest.

3.  Learning not to jerk your foot back when they start working with that callous thing on the bottom of your feet.  Oh wait, that’s me.

4.  Learning to relax and enjoy the bliss of being pampered.

5.  Paying for your pedicure and figuring out the tip.

See what an important life skill she has mastered:)

Have a great Sunday.  Looking forward to posting about:  my latest epiphany (it involves a manta ray), music from the 70’s, new books I have found, having me time, Plan B and much more.


  1. LOVE this!!!! Soooo sweet!!!

    • We “girls” have to look are best!

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